About us

Knowmetheus is an advanced AI-powered search engine, capable of meticulously analyzing every accessible scientific paper ever published. This innovative technology emerged from two years of dedicated research, generously funded by the Austrian FFG. Our primary mission was to address a crucial question: Why do scientifically validated insights often struggle to translate into economically viable and sustainable projects? Knowmetheus is committed to enhancing this conversion rate, benefiting science, businesses, and society alike.

MOONPUNKS is an international interdisciplinary High Performance Community, the Science Impact Circle SIC is a pioneering physical science-to-business network. Knowmetheus, on the other hand, focuses on harnessing AI to bridge the gap between research and practical applications.

Our overarching goal is to expedite research and development for businesses, providing a costeffective alternative to trial-and-error methods. For researchers, Knowmetheus offers an invaluable platform to establish fresh research objectives, gain comprehensive insights into industry trends, and facilitate global collaboration with peers.

At Knowmetheus, we are dedicated to bridging the gap between knowledge and action, actively fostering innovation, and propelling progress within the realms of academia and industry.

Explore our Solutions for Researchers and Business below:

Solutions for Researchers: Unlock research potential. Solutions for Business: Elevate your business strategies.

Interested to find out more about us? Check out these sites: https://www.moonpunks.com
and https://www.sicest.org.